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Maynard Jackson athletics are off to a great start. We currently have over 200 athletes participating in fall sports. Cross Country, volleyball, softball, cheerleading and football have seen their numbers increase from last year. The cross country team made it to state playoffs last year and this year they have their sites on a region championship and another state appearance. Maynard Jackson’s volleyball team has made it to the state playoffs five years in a row and has won our region 3 out of those 5 years. The volleyball team has a very talented group of young ladies and the future looks very bright for our lady Jags. The Lady Jaguar’s softball team also consists of a talented group of young ladies and will continue to improve. The Lady Jaguar’s softball team will be a force to reckon with, and will sneak up on some opponents thinking they are getting an easy win. The cheerleading squad both JV and Varsity has over 20 members per team and will be pumping up the crowd for our sports this season. The cheerleaders are very loud and spirited will look to advance further in the GHSA State Cheerleading Competition this year. The football team has seen their numbers increase steadily and now have over 75 members on the team and have made it to the State playoffs  two years in a row. Maynard Jackson High School is definitely on the rise, and with the improvements in academics and athletics I can definitely say the Jaguars are here to stay and will be very competitive in all sports.

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