Athletic Director Reginald Curry’s Athletic Philosophy


As a teacher, coach and Athletic Director at Maynard Jackson High School I have sought to educate and guide young men and women throughout my coaching career. I believe that athletics at the high school level should work to nurture the body, mind, and soul of its student athletes. My goal is to guide students to become respectful, educated, responsible, socially aware, and confident individuals who are prepared to be positive contributing members of society.  A successful high school graduate is one who is confident in himself/herself to complete life’s goals with dignity and poise, and is ready to handle the time management challenges inherent in college life and as a professional. As an athletic administrator, I insisted that my coaching staff be people of good character who models appropriate living and behavior for their athletes. The field of leadership in high school athletics can be challenging at times, and I am committed to help coaches be the best leaders for our young men and women in order to help the student athletes experience be the best during their high school years. Athletics is not only about striving to win games and win championships, but to build young men and women to be responsible people of good character who are confident in themselves. I believe that a school’s athletic program exists to act as an extension of the overall educational experience for the students.  I strongly believe that life’s most important lessons and habits can be learned through participation in extra-curricular activities. Attributes such as a solid work ethic, self-discipline, self-motivation, dedication, and what it means to be a member of a team are just a few of the many valuable assets that can be attained through athletic participation.