Become a Member

Become an Athletic Booster today (just because you were a Booster last year doesn’t make you one this year).

This year we give you two options to support your Jaguars. Both options go directly to support the athletes and students with food, equipment, player fees, uniforms, entry fees, and whatever else they need in order to compete, and to be safe and healthy.

Option 1: Yearly membership, $25 per year. Comes with a very cool sticker for your car.

Option 2: Ongoing membership, $5.00 month (until you tell us to stop). Also comes with a very cool sticker for your car. (We know, the math doesn’t work. This option is for those who feel they’d like to donate the equivalent of a cup of coffee to the program, and not have to worry about it any longer. It’s just a way to give more without the pain of giving. And it IS just an option, after all.)