Want to support your Jaguar athletes, but not sure how? We have some suggestions….

Volunteer: We need bodies and hands. You can start by attending meetings, just to get your feet wet, but we have needs ranging from team parent and communications to on-the-spot reporting (you’re there anyway, right?). Fundraising, athlete / coach recognition, community engagement, facilities…there’s something for everyone.

Purchase Banner Ads: Support your community and the Jaguar athletes, and promote your business, by purchasing a banner ad to place on our facilities. Communities love to support businesses that support the same things they do.

Donate: Yep. We just went there. Organizations run on money, and we spend ours mainly in two ways: 1. directly supporting student athletes in terms of food, fees, equipment, and transportation, and 2. recognition of athletes and coaches. Regardless, we are very frugal and can stretch a penny. Please, donate some pennies.